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Mosquitoes full of blood

Another evening

A cup of lemonade

There is no sugar

Another war

Mosquitoes full of blood

Ice melts, summer’s end

Friends vanish, hypocrisy numbs minds

A slow heart attack

A semi-nightmare

More like a dream

Free-falling in Australia, inside the lift

I call it elevator

Contemplation of death

Hiccups woke me up

Everyone bleeds

Times are changed, songs outdated

Will I make it?

Searching for something

Validation boils the soul

Another dead mosquito

Blood on the white wall

Blood on my hand

You should eat more fruit

You should exercise more

Fruits are nice

Watermelons are in season

It is always a hard choice

What kind of remedies?

Blueberries are nice

The past was better

They take anti-depressants

Purple-coloured berries

What does normal mean anyway?

Something I said

Here is another mosquito

It is almost ten

You behave in a anti-future manner

So they cancelled me

I guess that is alright

They'll pay me next Friday

Got a piece of land?

Well, slow down

Love is something isn’t it?

You selfish bastard

I think it was a nightmare

The years I might remember

What was that again son?

Newspapers were stolen

I could work in a café

Your cholesterol is high

Do you want to make it?

Green grapes

Some mosquitoes eat fruit

It takes time

Females like blood

I believe I am in the spectrum


Another mosquito

Lights off


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