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the Honda Fit(s)

car breaks down

I fucked the traffic

both directions



moments of despair

car works again,

miracle of the MMVI

Honda Fit Gods

slow drive to mechanic

my left hand is burnt bad

(kitchen flames)

the mechanic is also injured, bad knee

(weekend football)

neither of us are from here

neither of us totally belong here

It's sort of an invisible understanding

he told me he had once burnt his hand real bad

when he was a chef,

and he showed me the scar on the palm of his hand

as my wound lies beneath the white gauze

the slow Tuesday afternoon goes by

we talk about the business

and football and family

and the price of spark plugs,

eight spark plugs at eleven dollars and twenty five cents each

plus labour

a total of two hundred dollars and sixty two cents,

and the car is fixed

and we shake hands

times are tough.


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